The Driver

its 10 a.m at my office. i just got here after a very frustrating traffic along the way. i should have been working on some stuff but i just cant help myself to tell you the story.

last night i texted my boss’s driver, told him to see me this morning. i have to see him and make it clear. its about his job.

yesterday, my boss told me that he caught the driver slept in the car, which is COMPLETELY wrong.

then, i told him AGAIN about the rules. that he is not allowed to sleep in the car or even waiting inside, he must bring extra shirts in case he’s just too sweaty so that he could change his clothes and TAHAN BANTING hahahah.

besides those few rules, i added one that might be his weakness. i told him to stop smoking. at least in working hours. it’s because, when he smokes, the smell of cigarettes will stick in his shirt, when he entered the car, the smell will spread in the car, and my boss does not like it. he’s just too sensitive with those kinda smell. not only the smoke lho but any kind of bad smell.

i asked him once more. is he okay with that?

and he seemed to mind. he started to tell me a bunch of reasons. bla bla bla.

dear pak driver,

last week you came to me told me that you need this job. you need the money for your kids, your family. today, when i asked you just to stop smoking while working, you refused it.

it’s just because of the cigarette? oh well, its all in your hand, sir 🙂