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Welcome to misskepik.com, an online journal where I keep memories.

I’ve been writing the journal since 2004 on various platforms. Started with Multiply, Blogspot (2008-2010) and WordPress (2011 until now). I did not get to save my entries from Multiply when I closed the account, so in this journal, you will only find my writing from 2008 onwards. Some of them are on private mode because either it’s too emotional or too cheesy I am a lil bit embarrassed to own it he he.

During 2014 to 2018, I did not write much but starting this year, I plan to write again, at least on monthly basis. The theme of this journal is still the same. It is all about my daily random stuff and everything in between. Was a personal assistant and communication officer in my previous life, I am now more about stay at home mother who runs a small business and manages one media talent in Indonesia, so prepare to read some domestic related stories and maybe some opinions here and there.

I hope you like this online journal.

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