365 Days to 30

This is my birthday month. At midnight of my birthday, after he kissed me on the cheek saying happy birthday, he asked me to sleep. He then went out to the TV room. I thought, he was going to finish his work or something, so I just slept.

I did not expect anything for my birthday this year. I want something for a gift but that’s not really important, anyway. I did not expect a surprise party from D because I know he is not that type of person. My hope is only one, I pray to God to give me health so that I can take care of my family, the thing that matters to me.

And I fell asleep.

Not long after I closed my eyes, my bedroom door was opened by D who was walking to me bringing a cake and a candle, with his phone playing happy birthday song from youtube. When I looked a lil bit closer, it was not a cake! It was only a piece of roti tawar and meses that he cut in a heart shape with one aromatherapy candle (he took it from the kitchen drawer, I supposed). I woke up, blew the candle and read a letter he wrote.

He might not be the most romantic partner you could ever wish for, but with the love letter that he wrote himself in a piece of paper (this year, he wrote the letter on my groceries notes, he found it on the kitchen too, I supposed), that makes him sweet for me. It’s enough. He gave me a gift, too. Not fancy, but it exactly what I need 🙂

365 days to 30.