I don’t need this
it only reminds me how miserable my life is
or may be i should say how miserable i’ve made my life become
let me think for a while
let me lay my back for a second
the pasts are still there to wake my sleepless nights
and wearing masks of my present time
they hound me to my future dreams

yeah i remember those gravels!!!
those god damn stones sold by the street just to build barricades
those fucking gravels, yes they were there
i guess they are still there now, aren’t they?
they pretend, they lie and they hurt and they don’t care
those fucking gravels they are!

where do you want to run my friend?
where do you want to fly your expensive sneakers that you bought with your whole saving?
and what if the gravel damage your sneakers after a few kilometer from the start?
what will you do?

tell you what…
I am not one of those brilliant wisehead jokers
neither i am a person of steelhard heart
just run when it’s time for you to run
run if it makes you feel better
stay if you want to stay
stay if it makes you feel brave
i believe there is time for everything
even for running or staying
and i believe you are brave enough to do either one
i believe in you my friend!

-replied by bang fidel, thank you :)-