what shoes fit yours ?

what if i told you that my life is so miserable?
it is not as beautiful as it seems

i do believe that everyone has their own dream.

when you come to the reality that is far away from what you’ve been expected before, thats called a problem.

so, for me, problems are always run after you set your goals, your dreams.

like a gravels on the every highway you pass, its like a fallen hair we found everyday, more like a traffic jam drives you insane.

if you found a gravel holding your steps, you may replace it, choose another way or go back home.

if you found fallen hair on your pillow, you may cry over it or straightly go to supermarket to buy a shampoo fix your problem.

if you stuck on a traffic jam and you are running out of time, you may leave your car and run run run, or you call your boss tell him you’ll be late or ah anything, please just think about it by yourself.

what i am trying to say is, yes everybody has their own dream that surely leads to a problem to be solved and yes we do have our own way to solve those freaking problems.
me, i prefer running, leave the problems behind.
sounds cheesy, doesnt it?
i dont care, because i am a runner who wear a good yet so comfy sneaker :p

but, you may wear a stilettos and hit every problem you face.
it depends on what shoes fit yours 🙂

or, you cant find any shoes?
do not worry, you still have a strong foot.
walk bare foot and feel the itchy right on the sole.

walk on your shoes, face the problems, head for your dreams

be ready for another gravel 🙂