Im back to the office

So, thank God for its Friday.

Just so you know, I’m back to the office and I’m glad I can make it the whole week. It’s nice to be in charge again, doing something good and being busy.

Lemon seems happy to go to the office. She keeps kicking my womb. Oh, girl, how i miss you so!

Husband is (yeah, as usual) so supportive. We go to the office together, he parked the car at my office then he rode his bike to the bus stop then took a bus to his office. Afterhours, he picked me up and we had some dinner on our way back home. Thats our quality time we have. We talk about everything, We laugh at some particular reasons we found along the way, sometimes we kiss at the traffic light.

When we got home, he prepared hot water for me to shower. While I took a bath, he prepared another hot water to soak my swollen feet. Right after that, he will treat me with his legendary massage until I fall asleep. That’s, everyday 😀

Lemon will be happy to have him.

And, me too. I’m a happy ladybird who found a caring and loving bumblebee like him <3

Last, I’m proud of myself for successfully pushing myself to go to work after 4 months dying because of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.