Happy 1st Birthday, Lemon!

It’s been 2 weeks since Lemon’s birthday which is on December 29, a day after Linus Torvald’s birthday. Well, it doesn’t make any sense but it feels cool knowing the fact, HAHA.

It was one year a go. A cute baby-girl, we named her Lemon, came to the world. Complete our little family. It was magical. I want to experience it again if I could. The feeling when you touch your baby for the first time, its priceless. Now, Lemon is 1 year old. She’s growing healthy. She got (almost) 7 teeth, able to stand while clapping her hands over a song and blabbing a lot. She started to walk, although it only 10 steps ahead. She’s getting smarter and smarter each day. I feel so content.

It’s gonna be a long journey. It’s a battlefield. Having a child means you have to keep learning. So, let’s roll!

Lemon, you know I love you too much. Freddy Mercury once said on his song, too much love will kill you. I dont mind to die because of loving you this much. All I wanna do is to make sure you got what you need (not what you want). I want you to be free. Be happy. Be anything you like. But remember, please be nice. That’s the main rule you got to understand.

Happy birthday, nak!