Mid Autumn Festival in Clarke Quay

Last Saturday, we actually planned to go to Botanical Garden to do some pique-nique. I was thinking to cook some dishes and bring it along with the mat to the garden. Unfortunately, the weather was a lil bit cloudy and it looked like rain was almost falling. So we canceled the plan and stayed at home enjoyed our lunch.

After nasi-sambel-ikan kembung goreng-terong goreng-session, we got bored and decided to go to… Clarke Quay! God bless Singapore for its easy transportation. We just need to hop onto MRT and in 30 minutes we arrived in Clarke Quay. The other thing that I love being here is that there are aloooot of public places that you can enjoy. It’s cheap and affordable. Some others are even free! Public playgrounds are easy to find in every corner of the street and so are the parks and hang out places.

Back to the story. When we arrived at the riverside, we saw so many lanterns there. Apparently, there was mid-autumn festival. This festival is also called Moon Cake or Lantern Festival, celebrated by the Chinese on the 15th day of the eighth Chinese lunar month (3 October this year), when the moon is at its fullest. The riverside was full of street light-ups and bazaar stalls selling mooncakes and an assortment of festive goodies. The lanterns were soooo beautiful.

Clarke Quay is also popular for the Turkish Ice Cream Stall. This ice cream is a lil bit different. it’s sticky and chewy, plus it doesn’t melt too fast. The seller, Turkish guy is also funny and tricky. He played with me when handling me my ice cream. I dont know how he did it but suddenly the ice cream (without the cone) was in my hand. And when I looked back, it has already gone. Many people around the stall laughed at me. Bapak was laughing his ass off looking at my silly and confused face. Well well well. Kinda entertaining, tho.

After that embarrassing moment, we went to riverside to let Lemon to see the boat. We sat on the river side and enjoyed our ice cream. Lemon was also excited to see the boat and a looot of lanterns. Suddenly, boooom! There were a looot of fireworks! We were so excited. The firework show was so beautiful. I tried to capture it but failed! I left my DSLR camera at home. The pictures I took with my sony digicam are not that good. You can see them below.

Aaaaand that’s the end of the story. We headed back home, felt happy and content 😀