Bounce Back

The last three years have been very frustrating for me as I gained so much weight. By so much I mean that much that I need to quickly bounce back to healthy life involving several activities that will help me shred some kilos out of my body. This is not because how I look anymore, it’s more about my health. I am now overweight and nothing good about being overweight.

Five years ago, I successfully lose 14 kgs in 3 months. It was because I ate no rice no sugar and run almost everyday. I also did the 30 days shredded, exercise designed by Jillian Michels.  Unfortunately, I can not go running again because there’s this bulging disc between my L4 and L5 that makes HIIT training is a no no for me.

Between 2014 to 2018, I’ve been hospitalised twice because of the bulging disc. And during those times, I was always in a self-pity mode. I’ve been an emotional eater, I blame the bulging disc, I couldn’t run, my body is always sore and many other things that always set me to grieve. I guess this year is different. I had enough of self-pity, I need to stand up for myself.

I know the path will never be easy. I know I need to be consistent and I know I have to start now.

So last week, I joined a reformer pilates class, body aches class to be exact, because that’s the only class my therapist approved and the body aches class is specifically designed for people with injuries, perfect for moi. It’s been great and I sense my energy level is increasing. I even managed to do 30 minutes jog last week and it felt good.

I know I also need to control my intake. Actually, I am not a heavy eater. My metabolism is bad so even though I don’t eat much, I still gain some weights, I need to cut carbs and sugar. So starting today, with 83 kgs shown in the scale, I started to stop eating carbs and sugar. I know it will be hard but please pray for me that I can handle this. I really need to be leaner.

For starter, I need to focus on the first 10 kilos weight loss. I think if I can maintain this habit, I can achieve that in 3 months. I will write the journey here.