Reverance 2018

Last Friday I finally received the Cheng Ballet’s Reverance photos. The school now sends the files through dropbox so it’s easier for us to download the photos. Yay! The show itself has actually happened in May 2018.  

This year is her 4th year in the ballet school. She is now in the Ballet 1 class, the real serious class where the teacher will not entertain the student like they did back in the pre-ballet classes. Lemon was quite nervous about it but after a while, she enjoys it. In the Ballet 1, she has to attend 2 classes a week. I know it’s tiring but she said she likes ballet so she wants to continue.

Prior to the performance date, she had to attend several rehearsals as always. For this year, apart from the classwork that she had to perform, she also did the Russian dance. I personally like this dance because this is her first real dance, not the animal-flower dance anymore, and also because the costume is pretty! I was so excited to see it on stage.

And as always, Lemon was on the same show as Aina and Quora. We met Thalia, Ari and her mother and also Prissa, Dimas and Quora after the show. 

More photos are in Reverance 2018 photo album in Flickr.