Birthday Reflections: the Twin Number

I’ve been trying to write my birthday reflections but I failed miserably. Maybe I’m just too emotional and something that started with ‘too’ is not wise. So let me share this quick updates and keep the details private only to myself and the loved ones.

Here we go!

I guess it is now safe to say that I forgive myself. For everything happened these years. For the uncountable mistakes I made, the regrets, the hatred towards myself, the judgements I took without clear views, all the wrong and unreasonable decisions I made along the way. For me, this is important to start the ‘self-love’ thingy. You can not ignore yourself anymore. Self, I forgive you, let’s move on.

I want a fresh start, a clean slate. I want to restart everything. I want to do anything that makes me happy (including back to this blog hehe), I want to reward myself better by feeling enough of myself.

Also, no one is flawless. Your closest friends, your acquaintances, your colleagues, your families, basically everyone, has flaws. Try to understand and get over with it, tell them if it’s necessary or leave them be without any judgement. As I get older I become more understand them better. You don’t need to hate them, it’s such a heavy word. The ‘Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle’ quote is making more sense to me. It is not only a quote, it’s the key to life. When you grow older you will see a broader perspective in everything. Everyone has their own reason for something, it might not fit your life values but you know, life goes on.

By the way, a day before my birthday, Dwi gave me a surprise by asking Pepi to order Nasi Tumpeng and invited geng #Putradaerah to Pepi’s house while we were in Jakarta. I was so happy to be able to spend the day with the people close to my hearts. It was not on the actual date because we were scheduled to go back to Singapore on the August 12th morning, but still, it made me really happy.

He did give me a present, but not something that I want. Like always he gives me something that I NEED. Last year he gave me underwears because he said my underwears were all worn out HAHA. This year he gave me an iMac because he said that I spend most of my time in front of the laptop and that my Macbook Air is too small (it’s the 13″ one) it makes my body slouch whenever I’m at it and that’s bad for my posture. So he decided to buy me an iMac because it has huge screen so I can sit up tall HEHE. Such a thoughtful present, terimakasih sayang 🙂

To close this post, let me share my husband’s love letter. Writing a love letter is his expertise. I got them more often in my younger days but now, he only writes a letter for my birthday and our anniversary and instead of a lovey-dovey love letter, he is now more on the life values essay HAHA. But that’s okay, I’m always looking forward to it.

Just like any other birthdays, my only wish is that God will always grant me healthiness so that I can always do something useful in my life.

I got so many wishes and presents from my friends and families that day, and for that, I am forever grateful. Alhamdulillah.