ajeng, little girl in bright yellow skirt :p

it now comes to my mind 
that i am only a little girl has nothing on earth except the love i keep only for my self
i have no strength to chase something i need the most right now
i have no idea how to make my mom proud of me
i have no wing to fly to his arm, while i need his hug to lay my soul badly
and i have no choice but stay in this unstable situation
i just keep telling myself not to grumble all day and night
stay strong and bear the cross
i feel like a dull stupid fatuous person and anything out from my mouth is only a crap!
oh, thank you fryda.
when i was wondering what and how should a real friend act,
you came gave me this song and our little conversation this morning was more than enough
you know, i just need a little warm, here on my heart
as a matter of fact, you are one of people who accept me as the way i am
somehow, i miss our very good time laughing and singing through the night 
i miss you and sure, jogja’s ambience
warm and cozy
sometimes i questioned why people done me wrong
doing something without consider my feeling
then my lover replied me several days a go
he said, ‘its because they have never seen fairies, dear..’
i giggled over it *yea, you know im a ladybug and im the nanny of the fairies :p*
and yes it feels like im overwhelmed with gratitude by having him as a companion
thank you love for supporting me always with all of your silly things, i woof you 😉
i always remember how fast was my heart beating at the day we met again, after years
when your hand hold mine for the very first time and we shared stories along the way
oh okay, stop it or it will be getting swinish :p
oh ya
when everybody is planning their year-end-holiday
then i will be very busy with my own ‘habit’ :p
i still have not planned anything yet
so, the virginia woolf’s work *given by dearboy, almost a year a go ahahahah, and i still havent finished it :p* and my-ladybug-book-divider *given by mbak rosa, thanks sis :)*,and an oxford dictionary *oh, bahasa inggerisss nya taun 20an ya, susah nya setengah mampus jadi musti bolak balik kamus!*  will be the very best friends during the holiday.
im done with all those stuffs and going to go to meet pals at cek yukee, YAIY!!
cheers everyone 🙂
*p.s :
in this bottom part, i’m feeling better ahahah
  1. Nutshell diver 18/12/2008 at 1:04 pm

    little bright yellow skirt girl,you always bring those thousands of butterflies to my stomach and let me fly to the moon.i miss you so, in fact we are not that smart to handle this. we are still learning my dear.i love you.*i am trying to be more romantic, please don’t laugh :)*

  2. dancing fryd 19/12/2008 at 2:33 am

    hayayayai…Ahayayayai…(Boleh saya menulisnya dalam bahasa saja? saya penulis iklan bodoh bahasa lain *sigh)Sebuah lagu dari The Carpenters, sering menemani hari2 sepi saya… tanpa terdefinisikan: membatu.Sebuah lagu lagi seperti lagu wajib festival, sinergi-ku untuk film…Saya selalu menikmati debu sejarah, masa lalu selalu indah.Tidak lain tidak bukan adalah ketakutan tentang masa depan.”Ceritakan apapun, saya mendengarmu sayang…”(Maaf belum terkirim foto, terlalu banyak frame yang tak ingin terlewatkan. Tapi masih banyak lagu mengiringmu…)…Kemudian menarilah di hari Jumat!salam,dancing Fryd!

  3. misskepik 19/12/2008 at 2:40 am

    aku *berusaha* menari setiap hari, daghling 🙂

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