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January 2009


i feel so bored. i just dont know why. my heart is pumping even harder, my eyes are blinking rapidly, my stomach feels weird, my hair looks so nasty and my face needs a grindstone for its blackhead and my outfit is boring!

well, i want to write down something interesting but everytime i try, it succesfully failed! i am not a good writer, anyway *and i never try to be one of them*. so forgive me for below trash!
wish list :
  • want to own another blog and start a new story *or, i’ll delete all the stories before then start a new one? what do you think, eh?
  • want to go shopping *but, i doubted. its aceh anyway – sigh!
and by the way,
here i attached some pictures of my desire. i wish, someone will kindly send me some. 
shoes from wondershoe
t-shirt designed by lover, well, i know its kinda code-bla-bla-bla and i know its pinguin and yes dear i know its linux and ya ya ya i dont even wanna try linux as i know nothing about it, but darling, please send me that shirt ya, in grey and do not forget, eryka wants the black one. thanks in advance :p
suri cruise’s ladybug shoes, its adorably cute!!
blackberry *but i am not that into it actually, because seems like everybody grabs it-sigh*
or just bring my old nokia 9300 back
huff, im a dull!
tips :
when you’r driving and hardly trying to reverse you car and suddenly there are two girls in veil asking you about the direction, i sugest you to give them smile. do not show them that you are panic. *sambil ngomong dalam hati, ‘kurang ajaaarrr!!gak tau apa ini lagi susah!’*

okay, its bloody-stupid-silly-srimiliwiliwili-ending!

tumbler and little brother

siang ini, dikala sebenarnya mata saya harus menatap komputer dan  memandang deretan kalimat kalimat yang kadang kadang bikin mata pedih, saya merasa sangat mengantuk. saya baru saja pulang dari makan siang bersama teman teman. well, saya tidak makan sebenarnya karena merasa masih kenyang dengan dua […]

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that i..

rise up this morning smiled with the rising sun three little birds pitch by my doorstep singing sweet songs of melodies pure and true saying (this is a message to you) …and every little thing is gonna be alraight (three little birds – bob marley) […]

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more BITCHES please

lampuuk beach – NAD, saturday, jan 17 2009 1. aisha in a big wayfarer 2. ajeng, with the mencongmencong lips 3. devi ‘do you think you’re sexy?oh girl, come onnn!!’ 4. danielatalabaladwisuryapurnamala and me 5. cici elyka, biking and smiling ahahha 6. devi, i wanna […]

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dream..dream..dream i will be very busy with my work, lunch with friends, meet lover at bus station or go dinner with him or have fun with friends go back home and do some private things, write some notes and sleep well i will be very […]

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