more BITCHES please

lampuuk beach – NAD, saturday, jan 17 2009
1. aisha in a big wayfarer
2. ajeng, with the mencongmencong lips
3. devi ‘do you think you’re sexy?oh girl, come onnn!!’
4. danielatalabaladwisuryapurnamala and me
5. cici elyka, biking and smiling ahahha
6. devi, i wanna kiss your jigong 
7. tgk. aisha humaida, lil mermaid 🙂
when you’re on a golden sea
you dont need no memory
just a place to call your own
as we drift into the zone

on an island in the sun
we’ll be playing having fun
and it makes me feel so fine
i cant control my brain

(weezer – island in the sun)