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February 2009

midnight lunacy

me and deva devi act like a fool i actually had a headache. but with a little help from devi and panadol, now im fine. this day was a terrible day. there’s a girl in office drove me crazy but i have no strength to […]

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last night was a karaoke time 🙂 ibu sang this song with bang fidel i sat between ibu and bang fidel  listened to the song carefully and being amazed by the words i just dont know why later on, i told my boy about the […]

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courtesy of kiki’s flickr membaca kembali apa yang telah lewat sepertinya saya bahagia seperti bercahaya  seperti lampu sepertinya…

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picture taken from here  ini seperti pertandingan balap karung di perayaan 17an yang menang jadi populer dan mendapatkan hadiah berupa satu set sendok garpu saya tidak mau ikut pertandinganya karena : pertama, saya pernah diberitau untuk tidak usah ikut saja kedua, saya tidak bisa main […]

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i know im stupid, so what? my boy and daniel ate sushi – eryka, nara *bapak’s lil daughter* and me at the last day of CFAN at terres des hommes’s booth – thats our lovely bos, bapak 🙂 boarding time with the barangbarang ntah ntah […]

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