i feel so bored. i just dont know why. my heart is pumping even harder, my eyes are blinking rapidly, my stomach feels weird, my hair looks so nasty and my face needs a grindstone for its blackhead and my outfit is boring!

well, i want to write down something interesting but everytime i try, it succesfully failed! i am not a good writer, anyway *and i never try to be one of them*. so forgive me for below trash!
wish list :
  • want to own another blog and start a new story *or, i’ll delete all the stories before then start a new one? what do you think, eh?
  • want to go shopping *but, i doubted. its aceh anyway – sigh!
and by the way,
here i attached some pictures of my desire. i wish, someone will kindly send me some. 
shoes from wondershoe
t-shirt designed by lover, well, i know its kinda code-bla-bla-bla and i know its pinguin and yes dear i know its linux and ya ya ya i dont even wanna try linux as i know nothing about it, but darling, please send me that shirt ya, in grey and do not forget, eryka wants the black one. thanks in advance :p
suri cruise’s ladybug shoes, its adorably cute!!
blackberry *but i am not that into it actually, because seems like everybody grabs it-sigh*
or just bring my old nokia 9300 back
huff, im a dull!
tips :
when you’r driving and hardly trying to reverse you car and suddenly there are two girls in veil asking you about the direction, i sugest you to give them smile. do not show them that you are panic. *sambil ngomong dalam hati, ‘kurang ajaaarrr!!gak tau apa ini lagi susah!’*

okay, its bloody-stupid-silly-srimiliwiliwili-ending!