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i know im stupid, so what?

my boy and daniel ate sushi – eryka, nara *bapak’s lil daughter* and me at the last day of CFAN

at terres des hommes’s booth – thats our lovely bos, bapak 🙂

boarding time with the barangbarang ntah ntah – view from my window pane

bang hendri – thanks for helping me take that disgusting laptop away from me 🙂
random things during the CFAN :
  • i wanna go back to jakarta. its okay if i had to do some office things things. as long as i can meet my bumblebee.
  • i was so happy spending nights and days with lover and friends.
  • me and eryka do believe in ‘kalo-rejeki-gak-kemana’. its proven by our room rate that upgraded from executive to grand executive just because there aro no room in king size bed left. oh-my-god-oh-my-lord, the room was soooo comfy. yea yea yea! thanks mbak mbak atlet century 🙂
  • my boy adores bang hendri. as we know, bang hendri is so charming ya. and i asked my boy spectically ‘do you really adore him, love?’ he replied me ‘i am sorry, thats certainly true, lady’. and i gave him 3 punches. one on the eye for his coquettishness, one on the arm for his brashness and one on his tiny stomach because i love him so 🙂
  • it was nice laughing along the night with eryka, daniel, bang hendri and lover. ate nasi gila on the street, bakpao kacang ijo, siomay, batagor and this and that and lalalalala. 
  • it was also nice lho, phisically tired went back to hotel and waiting for your lover coming back from his office and he will kindly massage your heels and share lotta stories :p
  • i went to MY salon at Ratu Plaza to cut my hair and there was a granny served me. look at my new hair. its not bad, tough its shorter than i expected before. thats okay. devi called me a booby. huh, like i care deviiiiiiii…
  • i intentionally wore a flat shoes during the 4th CFAN opening ceremony attended by Mr. President. i was like a kindergarten kiddos with a dress, stocking and bow-flat-shoes. its just because i cant stand in high heels. forgive me for that defection.
  • i ate chicken claw at kemang at saturday night
  • i’ve put ‘wondershoe’ on my must-be-visited-place  list but its failed as its offline store is so far away from hotel. i went to bloop, but couldnt find any shoes i love. i just found a bunch of abg-abg who wore the same dresscode. my boy told me that they have a same motto ‘try to be different’ ahahaha. they are all just the same. no offense, pals 🙂
  • i sang chasing pavements and a bit danced with my boy during adele’s performance in Grammy
  • i put off my stocking in front of people because the stocking started to merosot merosot. they laughed at me. maybe, they presumed i was a lady gaga. bang hendri walked a bit faster and i just smiled to all the people stared at me. is my behaviour bothering you, sir?
  • the second day of CFAN, the day where i supposed to be sooooo polite and well-dressed, i didnt take a bath :p. i went to bed at dawn, 3 hours later, around 7 or 8 a.m, eryka called my room and asked me to go downstairs. she and bang hendry have been waiting for minutes. so, it was better for me to go downstairs directly. well, yeah, i brushed my teeth, washed my face *and underarm*, pour some face powder, a bit lipgloss and wore the dress i prepared the night before. 
  • i hate my boy as he talked tegalnese over and over again. eryka and bang hendri are his best pals on this. they are just the same*sigh
  • i asked my boy to come with us at the last day of CFAN. he hold my hand along the way. *oh, dear, why did you do that to me?. matiin pasaran ajah. secara itu orang aceh disitu semua, macam bedol desa dan lakilaki yang admire me itu ada semua huhahahah *plakkkkk
  • at the last day, i thanked to my boy who bought us some buns because we were running out of time. i kissed him goodbye and run run run to the boarding room. me, eryka, daniel and bang hendri were laughing along the way. we were also laughing when the plane was about to landing in medan. it was a hard turbulence, but we were eating beard papa and laughing out loud. daniel tried so hard to make us stop laughing by act like a stewardess and told us : dear passengers, we are about to landing soon. please do not laugh, its so berisik!. hayayayaya. we were just so pasrah, actually. *pesawat goyangnya kebangetan*
  • first thing we did once arrived in banda aceh was looking for food. we were sooo starving. warung makan purnama was the chosen one. i was shocked by the price. it stated at least 27000 for a plate of fried rice. and then i realized, oh my god, okay, its banda aceh and im back to the real world 🙁
what else?
i cant recall
it was just a fun yet so exhausting moment
p.s :
excuse my bad grammar ya :p

i am a purple sheep

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