Dear Fairies and Granny,
Please find my answer in between your email, this is the way Linux guy reply an email 😉

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 6:34 PM, Ajeng Ika Nugraheni <> wrote:

Dear Mr. Dwi Sasongko S,
I only drop by sending you a good news that your babybug is doing well.

I’m really happy for that. Thank you, this makes my day brighter and I feel stronger 🙂

Sometimes she’s so desperately missing you but she knows how to handle it.
She told me that you are the only one who is able to cure her pain so
she just needs you to be always there next to her heart all the way.

And you know Granny, she’s also the one whom I want to meet in my every single day
I will always be there next to her heart since I love to do that

I wish you both will have a beautiful life to come.

Thank you Granny, I wish in every twin hours and minutes, you know something that she mentioned at the first time we met. I screwed to set my watch to be always at 13:13, so please don’t ask me what time is it because the answer will remain the same, 13:13 of course!

Thankyou and have a nice work.

Thank you too for very nice email 🙂

On behalf of your babybug,
Fairies and Granny

p.s :
if you have a free time, please come visit us. granny is cooking a
yummy clapertart today!

PS: I wish I would, but please give me a sign, when will our house be finished?

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