the journey

sometimes you have to remember of who you were to figure out who you want to be – Heroes

its raining hard outside. I’m safe and feeling happy. it’s such a good day for me.
i didn’t go to work, i watched tv all day long, had a massage, browsing through some interesting sites, took some pictures of my comfy bedroom, and this and that. that was just such a pleasure 🙂

BF came after his working hours, we had dinner and shared anything. laughed over some pictures, jokes, his silly behaviour and so on and on.

now, im all alone. he’s already home. i wish he were here, i miss him already.

about the quotes i put earlier, its taken from the tv series, Heroes. nope, im not a fans but the quote is quite interesting. i remember, Bapak Mudif told me (via the BF) that every little thing happened in the past time is valuable. you have to always remember what you were to figure out who you wanna be. past times are things that creates you. cherish it 🙂

i used to be such an emo kid. my life is full of drama. drama drama drama. tears tears tears. i didnt like to go home. i run and hide from everything happened at that time. i have none who listen to my craps patiently plus, i didnt like my job so i easily got frustrated.

it was 2 years back, a good friend of mine asked me to go to aceh. i went there and got a new life. i left everything behind. but then i got everything that i’ve wanted. im not talking about money. im talking about: lessons. i enjoyed my work, i cried sometimes, i was so frustrated because although i was far far far away from fams, they still haunted me with some creepy problems. but thats life i have to face. well, im not gonna talking about what is actually happening to my fams because thats awful 🙁

the BF, hahaha. he was my schoolmate. i dont remember when we first met. it was around 1997. he’s been stalking me since junior high school. after the graduation day, we never meet again, until in the late 2007, we met again in our school reunion. he’s just the same boy, sigh. and, uhm, i dont have to tell the complete stories, do i? hihihih.

we’ve been together for almost 3 years now. its always fun to be with him. we’ve been through all the bad and good times together. been in long distance relationship, tired of it, cried, stand up again, smile, and bla bla bla. i also remember the times we enjoyed the train ride, rode his old motorcycle, had no money for a fancy date. ah, that was so memorable. now, we can only smile when we look back to the memories 🙂

he also teach me to always be happy of everything. when shit happened, handle it and get over it. plus, be patient. its not easy, i know. but it works for me. why dont you try?

handle it and get over it. this is life we have to face. whatever happens, face it. what doesnt kills you, makes you stronger. always put a lil bit more energy when you are tired. just a lil bit, and feel the power inside, beat the problems. now, smile 🙂

we are a happy couple 🙂 i dont care whats going on next, im just happy to have him


ngemper di jatinegara tungguin kereta buat pulang ke jogja (LDR sucks ya) – taken by pepi bahahah

ps: another journey is about to start in a couple weeks, ohmaygot, i cant wait 😀. oh, and, pardon my bad grammar. im not that good 🙂

  1. Rika Safrina 03/03/2010 at 12:51 pm

    terharu dan iri T.T *srooott.. lap ingus*

  2. ynnec acceber 03/03/2010 at 3:30 pm

    i love this post, i read this over and over again. somehow, you touched me 🙂

  3. satirelane 09/03/2010 at 6:15 pm

    oh misskepik kamu sangat bahagia 🙂 senangnya

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