Little India

In this sunny bright Friday afternoon, we decided to visit Little India. Yes, the three of us. Bapak is on leave today (and for the next 4 days yay yay!) I haven’t been there before so I was so excited. We went at 5 p.m and reached Little India MRT Station just 30 minutes later. The first impression when I got there was: oh, you know you’re in Little India because you can smell it. Yeah, I’m not joking. The mix smell of kare, garlic and some wangi wangian khas india were just too sharp for me.

So what you can see there? Of course…Indian people :p

According to Wikitravel, Little India is, as the name promises, the centre for the large Indian community in Singapore. While a rather sanitized version of the real thing, Little India retains its distinct identity without degenerating into a mere tourist attraction and is one of the most colourful and attractive places to visit in Singapore. You can see a lot of shophouses selling almost anything. From spices to vegetables, from fabric to accessories.

We strolled around Kerbau Road and Buffalo Road (yes, that’s a different road) and enjoyed the art belt so much. It felt like you weren’t in Singapore. The buildings are just so colorful and eye-catching, not that typical HDB that you can see all over the nation wide. We also ate in an Indian restaurant. The foods was actually mouthwatering but I just didn’t enjoy it that much because (once again) the spice was just too sharp! 🙁

If you ever visit Singapore, don’t forget to go to Little India to get a different hint of the island. Trust me, it’s worthwhile 😀

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  1. Le Bapak 06/01/2013 at 3:01 pm

    And yes, makanannya so spicy, dan baru merasakan efeknya sesampainya di rumah dan beberapa hari sesudahnya. LOL

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