In Between House Chores (2)

I just finished folding all of the clothes. My back is now aching like hell.

Folding or ironing clothes is my enemy. I hate it. Because it’s time-consuming and boring. Plus, I don’t know, I feel very ‘small’ every time I do that. Who are you, Ajeng? Your life is now only taking care of the household, doing something really nasty and dirty. Not smart at all. Ironing? Folding clothes? That is not smart and sexy at all.

That makes me sad. Really sad that I sometimes hold my tears until my throat hurts! Every time. Well, most of the times.

I have the society to be blamed. Our society thinks stay-at-home-mom who just clean the house, do the dishes, wash the clothes and iron them is not smart. They do physical things without the brain.

Look at me. I am one of them.