In Between House Chores

I just finished making dinner. Hungry but I have to wait for husband to come home so that we can eat together. 

This afternoon, after I fetched Lemon from school, we went to Novena to have lunch with Bapak. We had Burger King, I only ate its patty since I’m still on my whole30 diet. I then shopped at TBS sale. Got some soaps at a very discounted price. After that, we went home, put Lemon to sleep and I decided to wake up to do the laundry. After that, I washed the dishes, prepared a dinner and now, I feel really tired.

I am 29 this year. I thought I will still be a PA for a boss who arranges his busy schedule. I will dress like a lady. I will still have my own driver who takes me everywhere.

I am 29 this year. I am wearing a shirt, short and an apron. My hands smell onion. My face is oily and well, again, my back hurts.

I sometimes amaze how life can be so surprising.

  1. Dwi Sasongko S 06/03/2014 at 9:33 am

    No big promise, but your contribution to our life is beyond imagination. Let’s see what life may bring in near future, hopefully something brighter than summer morning sun.

    Thanks for always be there for me and for Lemon, hopefully we could be always be there for you.

    Much love

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