I was extremely sad this noon. At 10.30 I decided to take a bath and off to fetch Lemon from school. We went to J8 to grab some lunch and impulsively bought a ticket to watch Lego the Movie.

The movie was boring. Lemon asked to go home several times during the movie. I could easily convince her to stay with snacks and drinks. An hour and a half later, the movie finished, we went straight home. I felt so sleepy, so I changed Lemon’s uniform, washed her hands, face, feet, made her milk and put her to sleep. It was 15 minutes later when I thought Lemon has already asleep, it started to smell really bad. Lemon poo. I woke up with a very heavy head and washed her.

I asked her to sleep again. 5 minutes later she has already asleep. I then went out to the kitchen, opened my laptop and wrote the article for RHOI. My head was occupied with something ‘important’ so that I didn’t have spare time to wander around and think unnecessary things.

This morning, I cried questioned why did he choose me over some other girls.

But this time, as I write this cheesy journal, I feel content. My baby is watching Barbie video. Our sofa is wet because Lemon peed on it. The towering clothes are still there waiting to be ironed. There’s nothing different. Nothing special. Wait, maybe I am special. Because I am the chosen one.

Just, maybe..