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Girls Always Win!

There’s this one little girl named Rinjani, the youngest birdie (for now) in The Babybirds family who is very brave and creative. Lemon likes her so much and according to her, Rinjani is one of her inspirations. She really thinks that Rinjani is cool because she draws, […]

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The Lion King Musical 2018

Last week I watched The Lion King Musical, the highly anticipated show, at The Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands. It was my first time watching the show. People say The Lion King Musical that has won over 70 major international theatre awards and widely respected […]

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Reverance 2018

Last Friday I finally received the Cheng Ballet’s Reverance photos. The school now sends the files through dropbox so it’s easier for us to download the photos. Yay! The show itself has actually happened in May 2018.  

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Bounce Back

The last three years have been very frustrating for me as I gained so much weight. By so much I mean that much that I need to quickly bounce back to healthy life involving several activities that will help me shred some kilos out of […]

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My baby, Layla. Buat yang udah kenal sama saya sejak jaman sekolah, pasti gak akan bertanya ada apakah gerangan hubungan saya dengan Dhatu. Dhatu itu adek kelas saya di SMA. Siaran bareng. Main bareng. Dia yang dulu kos, kalo pas pulang kemaleman dan pintu kos […]

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