i am a purple sheep

instead of working, i prefer doing this. thanks kip and unee for this gak-penting-tapi-menggoda-untuk-dikerjakan :p
and here is the result.
what do you think, eh?

You are Purple Sheep, who is gentle toward people, and likes to take care of others. 
You are kind and possess graceful attraction. 
You will not oppose to others, and no matter what, you always take a passive attitude.
You don’t express your inner emotions easily, and will not actively lead others. 
You tend to always take a safer path, and are rather timid. 
You will not do anything adventurous.
Your type of women tends to have high aspirations, and hold huge expectation and ideals toward others. 
Therefore, in contradiction, you may be feeling dissatisfaction on the inside.
Your personality is very cautious, and have observing eyes. 
You are good at reading other people’s minds and feelings. 
And you don’t get wrong. You tend to manipulate people by using talent. 
You are also very intelligent and have great kowledge. 
You are always thinking of interests, before acting.
You tend to be rather temperamental person. 
And once you make up your mind, you don’t easily change, and can be obstinate. 
Although you value relationships with others, you also like being on your own. 
Therefore you may suffer from your own contradiction.
Although you are a passive sort of person, you do possess perseverance and are a person of action. 
Once you are on fire, you show unbelievable energy. 
You like dressing up, so you are suited to follow your career than staying at home.

  1. e r y k a 16/02/2009 at 5:48 am

    kampreetttt….bener bangettt tuuhhh si doubutsu uranai tak seberapa itu huaaahhhh

  2. misskepik 16/02/2009 at 5:51 am

    eh ada nyonyah, lagi magabut juga ya nyonyah? masih kebayang bayang sosis di century yah? air anget, bath salt, aduh eike juga, yuk kita kesana lagi, merampok siapaa gitu ahahaha

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