half-bug-half-princess ~..~

warning : below story doesnt mean a thing, but if you are that smart and cool *and peace love and G4UL, yuwk* you will take some lessons home!

Its about, being so calm and dont get excited easily. yah, macam itu lah kirakira!

*wait, did i use ‘!’ too much? ah, you number it!

well, as you all know people, i am actually a ladybug trapped in a human body. in this case, am trapped in this-silly-yet-so-stupid girl’s body named Ajeng Ika Nugraheni *okay,that’s a cool name!

ajeng is so addicted to ladybug *yea,you know its because i said so to her*. she will do anything to help me back in shape. she is easily teased by a bunch of ladybug pics. her BF saves a lot of short clips with ladybug on it. anytime she fell down, he just sent some to her and she would very happy.

couple days back, her BF sent her a big ladybug printed bed cover. it was tuesday night. she just got home and found a big package. she opened it and screamed like crazy over that cute present. without rechecked it, she threw the wrap off.

a day later, on the phone.
BF : so, is the blanket good?
She : yes, i love it!gorgeous!
BF : have you read the notes i put?
She : what note?ah you must be kidding me, kan? lie lie! i didnt find any note!
BF : where’s the wrap?
She : gone 🙂
BF : *menyesalpunyapacarsilumankepik

so, you know ya, cintailah pacarmu sebelum kamu terlalu girang membuka paket. niscaya, kamu akan kehilangan surat cinta!

  1. monsterpipi 13/06/2009 at 2:45 pm

    mas boifren pasti menyesal sekali uda mo sok2an romantis tp malah disobek gitu ajahnah looo bsk2 ga dibeliin bed cover lagi lohhhga dikasi kepik2 lagi lohhh*membayangkan wajah mas boifren yg pias*ohohoho

  2. misskepik 15/06/2009 at 9:56 am

    bukan pias ki, tapi maklum sambil garuk garuk kurasa :p

  3. Nutshell diver 17/06/2009 at 12:11 pm

    padahal itu suratnya sudah dibikin seromantis mungkin *sigh :((

  4. misskepik 18/06/2009 at 5:34 am

    sudahlah, memang begitu nasib si surat, sudah selayaknya terbuang, ck maafkan ya 🙁

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