Quick Updates

Just quick updates:

1. I feel fat. Its not only a feeling deeeng, I am fat. But, me and my husband managed to burn calories by running every morning before office time. Husband bought me a running shoes. Im happy. Lets see the results. Oh, I also plan to quit gym because I get easily mad whenever the personal trainer push me too hard. Silly I know.

2. Lemon is growing healthy. I am a happy mom from a cute baby.

3. I join twitter (again) but I only follow people I want to follow and lock my account. So, its fun. Honestly, I only need a place to talk sh*ts.

4. I have already deleted all the contacts (BBM-YM-phone number) from people that might hurt me. Im afraid of something bad happen to me again in near future. Dear you, pretty woman lalalala, you cant blame me for any problem that might occur. I have no connection with the people you think I share the gossips with. Hope you stop by now. Dont you dare to do that again or I’ll fight you back. I wish, someday you will understand, people that talking trash behind you is not me. Call me if you wanna know. HAHA!

5. I feel better after I cry 😀

6. Sometimes, living only with your close family and closest friend is enough. At least, its enough for me 😀


  1. sazkiaghazi 01/07/2011 at 8:40 am

    Pantes ngilang dari linimasa 😀 hahahaha.. selamat membakar kalori, miss!

    1. misskepik 01/07/2011 at 9:49 am

      Hahahah, iya nih mbak, banyak orang orang nyebeliiiin :p

  2. Popi 28/07/2011 at 2:57 pm

    Pengen langsing lagi? nambah anak deh satu lagi hahahaha. Hayyeuk. Aku dulu turun berat badan cepet banget karena bersepeda. Mungkin bisa dicoba tuh bersepeda bareng suami, cihuy lah. Btw, lemon lucuuu, and look so healthy. Inget obrolan kita soal ngasih ASIX atau campur sufor? Intinya, mau ASIX atau gak, semua ortu pasti berbuat yang terbaik buat anaknya kan. Bukti nyatanya, ya neng lemon itu heheheh

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