Mood Swing

I should be doing my homework that just arrived in my mailbox this afternoon so I can start my weekend without any pending matters. Lemon is watching Zoe, his fav character in Disney Junior while munching a watermelon. Dinner is ready although the dishes have not been cleaned yet. But that’s ok, I can do it later or have my husband to do it 🙂

I started to open the file but I can’t concentrate on the worksheet. I suddenly feel very sad and extremely tired. No, it’s not because of the job. It’s not because of the baby or that my life sucks. I just can’t describe my feeling. It’s just…sad.

I thank God that I live a ‘normal’ life. Everything is fine. Good news just came last night and I don’t have any reason to feel miserable. Is it the hormones talking? I feel like a preggy woman whose mood is usually swinging from here to nowhere.

Well, let’s just have some water and take a deep breath!