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Little India

In this sunny bright Friday afternoon, we decided to visit Little India. Yes, the three of us. Bapak is on leave today (and for the next 4 days yay yay!) I haven’t been there before so I was so excited. We went at 5 p.m […]

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Mid Autumn Festival in Clarke Quay

Last Saturday, we actually planned to go to Botanical Garden to do some pique-nique. I was thinking to cook some dishes and bring it along with the mat to the garden. Unfortunately, the weather was a lil bit cloudy and it looked like rain was […]

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This and That in Singapore

Halooooh! *teriak dari balik jemuran* How’s life? Soooo gooood. Minus encok berkepanjangan ini ya. Gak jarang lho malem sebelum tidur, saya minta Bapak olesin krim back pain dari dokter sisa penyakit dulu waktu hamil. Abisannya tidur nyenyak sampe pagi trus grabak grubuk bangun lupa blom […]

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